Mindfulness for children (e-book)

Gouden Lijst
With practical exercises for 6- to 12-year-olds

Trees van Hennik

categorieën:   Gezondheid / Pedagogie / Mindfulness
isbn: 9789056703868
uitvoering: ePub
druk: 1
vertaler: Netty Groeneveld & Gemma Keogh
verschijningsdatum: 16 jul 2018
status:  Leverbaar
prijs e-book: € 8,99
ledenprijs e-book: € 7,19

In our ever changing, hectic world, both parents and children find it increasingly difficult to halt and catch their breath. In classroom situations, this can cause unrest, children’s attention is all over the place and concentrating is difficult. Here, mindfulness is a loving and effective solution.


Mindfulness for children teaches children to be attentive not only to themselves but to all that is happening around them, and to observe feelings, to recognize thoughts and to improve their concentration.


Children can be mindful all the time: when eating, playing sports, or doing their homework. The exercises in this book provide children (and parents) with the tools to develop awareness and create stillness in their minds. The exercises are suitable 6- to 12-year-olds and take from 1–10 minutes. They can boost self-confidence and self-empowerment in children.


For years, Trees van Hennik was a manager and educator in a large mental healthcare organisation. She gave preventive courses in stress reduction, burnout and other mental problems. She is a mother, educator and qualified mindfulness trainer. In 2008, she founded Mindstudio, a centre for mindfulness, psychotherapy and child coaching. She is also a teacher with Yoga Minds.

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